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Quiz for Fate stay night&Zero


Fate of four popular quiz app on (Fate) in the TV anime"Quiz for Fate (Fate)" appeared at last!Fate / stay night of acclaimed broadcast [UBW], I will have questions to the main Fate / stay night.Quiz about Fate / Zero is also planning to add at any time in response soon.
"Quiz for Fate (Fate)" So, I offer a 400-question quiz more popular animated series, manga (comics), and from the game!So that customers can enjoy up to those of mania from beginners, we have questions to another difficulty quiz.If you did only game also those who read only comic, in those who saw only anime you will be able to enjoy the world "Fate (Fate)" to the full extent of.
"Quiz for Fate (Fate)" is compatible with Score Center, you can compete and points users nationwide.
In addition, problems that will appear on the exam at a time is a total of 10 questions.I can get a bonus pt in the correct answer 8 questions during more than 10 questions.
You are as follows difficulty quiz for Fate of (Fate).• In one question correct Beginner ··· 1pt (bonus 10pt)• In one question correct Intermediate ··· 2pt (bonus 20pt)• In one question correct senior ··· 3pt (bonus 30pt)· By all problem ... each difficulty and (bonus 20pt)
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